Why do we use the DNN Platform? (Formerly know as DotNetNuke)

Let’s look at it another way, why not? DotNetNuke powers most of client websites we’ve built in the past year. And of course, it powers ours too! Why? Because it meets or exceeds the requirements of just about all the sites we build. Let’s take a look at a small sample of what DotNetNuke offers out of the box. 

"But I don’t want an 'out of the box' website!"

Don’t worry, one of the great features of DotNetNuke is that it’s 'skinable', that means that it can be totally customised so it looks like your own, we can wrap just about any design around the DotNetNuke framework. And if you want to freshen up your site’s design after a couple of years we can quickly and easily change the skin whilst leaving all your content intact (this is also great for a highly SEO’d website to keep its rankings when the design changes)!   

Features at a glance:

  • Full content management, without programming or any software!
    Change absolutely any content, from any internet connected computer. The dynamic navigation structure means pages appear in the right place in the menu when you create them, both quick inline content editing and full rich text editing with familiar tools such as those found in Word and other popular software packages. Easily create hyperlinks between pages and upload photos. Just take a look at the demo.

  • Membership and security system
    Whether you want your visitors to register or not, this is a vital part of the application as it controls both page visibility and page editability. This means that you can display different content to different site visitors, you’ve got FULL control over who sees what. This gives all of our clients the ability to use their website as an Intranet or Extranet site as well as a public facing website.

  • File Manager
    With a familiar Windows Explorer like interface, upload and share files with your website visitors. This has native integration with the security system meaning that you can control who has access to what files. It’s so secure that we’ve had clients using their websites to share confidential financial reports with company directors!

  • Modular framework
    Modules are pieces of functionality that are available for use within your website. The most commonly used module is the text module for displaying any generic content page, to advanced modules such as blogs, forums and e-commerce functionality.

  • Recycle Bin
    Allows users to restore any content, modules, or pages that have been deleted.  Very handy when learning how to use the system! Our clients love it when we show them how to rescue their accidentally deleted content at the click of a button.  You can also keep versioned copies of your textual content, and roll back to previous versions if you make any mistakes.

  • Image Resizing
    Resize images on the fly within DotNetNuke's rich text editor. This feature is very handy when you don't have access to image editing software & want to quickly adjust the size of your images to fit within your content.

  • Drag and Drop Functionality
    Parts of your page content can be easily moved around the page by mouse, using drag and drop feature. You can design how your site is laid out by moving things around and deciding what goes where

  • Extendable Application Functionality
    DotNetNuke is an expandable Web Application Platform.  This means that if you need some unique functionality we can build it on top of the framework, and leverage from the power that’s already there. We won’t say no it can’t be done, but we might ask how deep are your pockets?

Some of the modules our clients are using include: