We love to build mobile web apps and native mobile apps for iPhone, iPad & Android (and even Windows Phone!)

Looking for great mobile app developers in Auckland?  Look no further!

When clients come to us looking to get a mobile app developed, we take a consultative approach to work out if a native mobile app is the right choice, or if a web app, optimised for touch screens, is a better approach.  There are pros and cons of each approach, for example a native mobile app would be better suited for apps that require users to shoot and post photos and video quickly and easily, or if using the app offline is important, but a mobile web app might be better for an 'app' where you want to engage with people quickly and easily, but still have an app-like user experience.  You shouldn't force people to download and install your app, when you can serve them up the same  or similar content and experience via a great mobile website.  It's much easier to tap on a link and have the web app load instantly, rather than go through an app-install to get the same experience.  Web apps are much faster to develop, hence much cheaper.  

If you don't know what approach is right for you, talk to us for a free consultation and we'll help you decide.

Feature apps we've built:

Oh, and all the websites we build are Responsive - built for mobile. 

What our Clients say

Your service was impeccable and the outcome perfect. The combination of Tim and yourself is brilliant - you both had enough knowledge of each other's jobs for us to be able to speak to either of you about the whole scenario. We are so impressed with your management of the work that we are very keen to see if we can come and see how you manage your work schedule. We will ring soon!

Word Sense - Gail King