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We design websites that look great on any device

From desktops to tablets (iPad, Android or Windows Surface) to any brand of smartphone, people are visiting your website from an increasing array of mobile devices and browsers.

Responsive websites are a standard these days (some companies still try to offer them as an upsell! LOL), we've been developing websites like this for many years, and wouldn't build them any other way (even our mobile web apps are responsive).

Responsive web design is what we are recommending to most clients who want a new website, or are upgrading their old ones.

How many times have you tried to view a website that is not mobile-friendly? Everything is squeezed to fit on a small screen, making text difficult to read unless you’re panning and zooming right in, which creates a frustrating user experience. Frustrated users quickly turn away from websites, and if a competitor has a Responsive Website with a better user experience you risk losing your visitors to them.

Go Responsive so that all your website visitors have a user-friendly experience, no matter what device they are using. When visitors have a good user-experience they stay on your website longer, and are more likely to follow your call to action (e.g. buy, fill out a form, call you) if it's clear and easy to do.

A mobile web app is an html5 website, built for mobile, with desktop being either a second-class citizen, or the mobile web app might not work at all on desktop devices.  

It's much faster to build a mobile web app than it is to build a native mobile app (see next tab).  And sometimes a mobile web app is actually a better option, because end-users have instant access to the content without needing to install an app.

We've built lots of web apps in our time, the one we're most proud of is our child company, Stampezy.

A 'native' app is one which is built specifically to run on the target platform (iOS and Android, to be honest who really cares about Windows Phone or Blackberry!), using the platforms native programming language - either Objective C (iOS) or Java (Android).

We can and do build native apps, but when clients come to us looking to get a mobile app developed, we take a consultative approach to work out if a native mobile app is the right choice, or if a web app, optimised for touch screens, is a better approach.


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See it in action

The best way to understand Responsive Web Design, is to see it in action. Here are a few of the Responsive websites that we have built. Try them on your phone, or open them in your desktop browser and resize the window width to see how the websites ‘respond’ to different screen widths.



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DNN Platform

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DNN Platform| Health

Kākāriki Hospital

DNN Platform| Health


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The Liver Clinic


HS Building Inspection

DNN Platform

Construction Search

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Care on Call

DNN Platform| Health| Recruitment

New Zealand Dementia Foundation

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National Institute for Health Innovation

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Waitemata District Health Board

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