Digital Loyalty Card Mobile App | Stampezy

Stampezy is a digital replacement of paper based loyalty cards. Nothing more (for now), nothing less. It's been designed to be super easy to use - no app install required (it's a web app), no complicated sign-up process (frictionless at the point-of-sale)-

It's just really ezy, it's Stampezy!

We've slowly been chipping away at Stampezy over the last year or so, and finally have a public beta version that has launched, with Kingsland Sushi being our pilot store.  

Over the coming weeks and months we'll be marketing this to other cafes, restaurants, and anywhere that has paper-card based loyalty stamp cards.  If you have paper cards in your wallet, that you'd rather have on your phone, please tell those businesses about Stampezy.

We're currently working on a marketing website, in the meantime visit Stampezy's Facebook page for more info about this innovative web app:

You can also check out Stampezy on your phone, but it's kind of useless without a plastic stamp to go with it (which vendors use to literally stamp your touchscreen).

Stay tuned for more info, and hopefully you'll see Stampezy in a store near you soon.