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Why should SEO be a top prority for all websites?

Today pretty much everyone has access to the Internet, and most are using search engines as a key way to compare products and services available for sale. Websites with inadequate search engine visibility, ones that that fail to rank on the first page of search engine results, go unseen by potential clients & customers.

So, can you afford not to be found? Call us today to find out how we can boost your search engine rankings by providing a wide range of expert seo services.

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At NetPotential we build every single one of our websites using SEO best practice and consider it a top priority for our clients to achieve their expectations and objectives for their website. Unlike other web development companies, this comes as standard, not as an optional extra.


It is standard that all our sites follow the three simple secrets of SEO below:

  1. Selecting fundamental key words & search phrases appropriate to business industry and potential clients
  2. Configuring appropriate web page headings (Meta Tags)
  3. Ensure page content & images are worded and positioned correctly.

In many markets the above will be enough to ensure your website ranks highly. However, some markets are highly competitive and you need to do more to ensure that customers are seeing your website first.


NetPotential's advanced SEO services include:

  • Creating additional pages that target specific audiences
  • Link building packages (links from creditable websites to your websites)
  • Article submissions (to increase links back to your site)


Search Engine Optimisation is worth it! SEO has the following proven benefits:

  • High return on investment – depending on the nature of your business, only 2 – 3 sales may pay for the initial cost!
  • Future proof your website – long term higher rankings
  • Cost effective – be able to sustain rankings without any monthly costs
  • Improves website usability, functionality and general performance
  • Builds trust with searchers and develops brand creditability – easier to convert visitors to sales because high ranking sites have credibility
  • Increases website traffic –be seen in a wider online community

It’s never too late to improve your online presence, so call us today to find out what we can do for your business in terms of SEO packages, link building and article submissions.