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"GitHub data shows that Copilot promises to unlock productivity for everyone. Among developers who use GitHub Copilot, 88% say they are more productive, 74% say that they can focus on more satisfying work, and 77% say it helps them spend less time searching for information or examples." (source, Microsoft)

At NetPotential we're embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist us when building complex custom websites and web applications, by asking it carefully prompted questions, and getting instant contextual results. Previously we'd find answers to our questions after a lot of Googling, parsing several sites, then adapting many code samples to suit our requirements. Now we can do things like tell it about our data structure and what we're wanting to do, and get exact code samples to copy, edit as necessary, and implement rapidly. Things that took minutes are now taking seconds, research that took hours is taking minutes. This gives you, the client, more bang for your buck as we're able to concentrate on business logic and architecture, and leave the grunt work to AI.

The best way to show you the power of AI driven programming is to give an example, and that's best done by watching this short video clip of how AI is assisting us on a real project we're working on right now (mid 2023, watch this space for it's release!)

How AI helped us query and consume data from apis in record time:

As you can see, this would save at least a day's work for a developer inexperienced with the Spotify and YouTube APIs, and we get solutions in minutes. ChatGPT and Github Copilot are saving us and enormous amount of time, and adds incredible value for our clients!

Not only are we using AI to code, but it's also mind-blowing at creating stunning images. The background image on our homepage was created by us in minutes using Midjourney, which generates images from natural language descriptions, called “prompts”. 

The future of web design and developement will be done by AI, and humans in a new emerging role of "Prompt Engineer". Prompt engineering is a concept in artificial intelligence, particularly natural language processing (NLP). In prompt engineering, the description of the task that the AI is supposed to accomplish is embedded in the input, e.g. as a question or statement. Prompt engineering typically works by converting one or more tasks to a prompt-based dataset and training a language model with what has been called “prompt-based learning” or just "prompt learning".

It's a fast moving space, but AI can't build you a website just yet. You still need an amazing technical team, that knows how to code, and knows how to prompt AI to accelerate their design and development output. We here at NetPotential do just that, and there's so much more potential right now!

Oh, we're also creating AI chatbots too! We can train ChatGPT using your website or database as the model, and do cool things like recommend products or services you offer to your customers, using natural language and custom AI based algorithms that interrogate your data. 

Get in touch to talk about how we can use AI to help you bring your ideas to life - whether creative or technical.

In closing, here's some images we created in Midjourney, for more check out the Midjourney Showcase. And here's an example of a website using images created with Midjourney. Now we can create unique photorealistic images for you rather than using expensive stock images, or stunning abstract and creative images that would have cost thousands of dollars if comissioned by a human digital artist. Photo-realistic AI image generation is becoming indistinguishable from reality, and video is coming next - welcome to the matrix!

We just love what we can do with AI, and we'd love to do it for you heart

kiwi grandparents and kids
Photo realistic website image created by NetPotential, using Midjourney AI

young kiwi couple
Photo realistic website image created by NetPotential, using Midjourney AI

Tim steampunk
Tim Thomas, Director, NetPotential. Created using my photo as an input prompt to Midjourney AI

created by NetPotential, using Midjourney AI

created by NetPotential, using Midjourney AI

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