The majority of websites we build are served up in a single language, English, however there may be occasions when you want to include a second or multiple languages on your website.   A good example of this is a website targeting international tourists, such as, built by NetPotential in conjunction with The Creative Shop.  Or you may wish to show a Maori or Pacific Island language version of your website to your target audience.

Have you ever used Google Translate to do automatic translation of a foreign website into English?   Although this is sometimes better than nothing, machine translation does a poor job of translating into natural language, the results being a very poor grammatical version of the original content, with incorrect context.  Here's an example of a German news site translated using Google Translate.  

The only way to attract and market to people in a foreign language is to have your website professionally translated, and serve up your content in the language selected by your visitors.

View this demo to see how our multi-lingual module works from both a user and an administrator/translators perspective.