ASP.NET Hosting on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Once your website is built, you will need a host. In a nutshell, your website’s "home" is rented on a host server that is fast, reliable, and always connected to the internet. When you contract NetPotential, we can also help you out with hosting both your website and your email for a small monthly fee.

Already have a host? As long as your hosting company is equipped to handle our technology, your website can stay right where it is. We will be happy to check this out for you.

Database hosting

If your site has a product catalogue, shopping cart, or directory style listings, then you will require a database to store / retrieve those items and enable the website to dynamically display them. The benefits of using a database are that you are able to manage your products and stock without manually updating each listing.
Like you need website hosting, you also need to host the database. The cost SQL Server hosting will depend on the size of the database.

Domain names

Your domain = your home on the worldwide web. We can take care of all your technical worries including the registration of your domain(s) e.g.
Having your own domain not only gives you a website address, but you also get the ability to use your domain for email addresses. Very professional! We can register domains on your behalf. You will always be the owner of your domain, not us. We charge $39.95 + GST per year for domain registration.

Please contact us to register your domain name.

What our Clients say

One thing that really impresses me about our website is how well we're ranked in search engines.  We're so busy that sometimes I feel like ringing you up to tell you to take the damn thing down!

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