Our Handsome Team

  • Tim Thomas

    Tim Thomas021 535 832

    • Was building websites in London during the "dotcom boom" of the late 90's (yep, I'm old)
    • His new years' resolution is to lose weight and get fit (yep, I'm fat)
    • Has recently started a stylish hat collection (yep, I'm bald)
  • Amy Thomas

    Amy Thomas

    General Manager
    • Has lived and worked in 4 different continents (South America, Europe, Canada & NZ).
    • In true Fear Factor style, has tasted crocodile, small intestine, tripe and sheep's heart soup but drew the line at tongue.
    • Wants to get back into scuba diving, snowboarding and regularly running in Run Auckland events, just as soon as the sleep deprivation of three kids eases up.
  • Zoe


    Project Coordinator
    • Loves to travel, and she has been to 50 countries and is looking to make it 51 this year!
    • Even though she hates being cold, snowboarding is her favourite activity
    • Is pretty sure her spirit animal is Garfield, because her favourite food is lasagne and she has red hair, not to mention she loves cats.
  • Phillip


    Web Developer
    • His skiing speed record is 82.9km/h
    • Favourite soft drink is root beer (specifically the Malaysian kind – Sarsi)
    • Was nearly on the front page of the “Herald on Sunday” newspaper as their headline story after catching his flatmate stealing from him (made the second page instead)
  • DD


    Web Developer
    • Is a dad to a beautiful girl & new baby boy
    • Loves to go anywhere with a bike trail
    • Has already used 4 lives
    • Goes by the pseudonym "DD" or John
  • Ross


    Web Developer
    • Loves a bit of healthy competition, so always up for computer games and or a sports game.
    • Feels like he is a great cook but whenever he's hungry just buys a burger at Carl's Jr. anyway
    • Is an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts & basketball and starting to really get into rugby since coming to NZ (see as MMA and basketball combined)
  • Cinthia


    Front End Web Developer
    • Speaks Spanish (native) and a little bit of Swedish and Finnish
    • Dyes her own hair, always with bright fantasy colours
    • Loves travelling and LOTR (one of the reasons I travelled to NZ!)