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23 October 2013

Website basics - How to get started

You'll need three things and we can take care of all of them

1. Domain Name

Your domain name is an important feature of your website - often used as a marketing tool of its own.  A domain name not only gives you a website address (e.g., but also the ability to use your domain to register as many email address as you need for your company.  Rather than giving out (e.g. it is much more professional to have an address such as (e.g. ).

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2. Website

Depending on your budget and business that you are in, your website needs will vary.  The most cost-effective is what we call a 'brochure site'.  This will have a home page, links through to other pages with information and contact details.  Additional features can be brought in to increase your customers' experience whilst viewing your website.  For some companies, a custom built web application can even improve business functioning, whilst enhancing your business marketing.  There are a multitude of options for how your website could be designed and we encourage you to meet with us to go through your vision for your website.

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3. Hosting

Your website will need to be hosted on web servers in order for the world to see it.   We offer web hosting and e-mail hosting services provided by servers based in both NZ and the USA.  We can host websites on either Windows Server 2003 or RedHat Linux as a powerful, fast and reliable hosting platform. We support all major web development languages including ASP.NET, ASP, PHP and JSP.

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