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TAB’s Free Kick at $5m, powered by NetPotential

29 May 2018

TAB’s Free Kick at $5m, powered by NetPotential

With the FIFA Football World Cup kicking off in just over 2 weeks (Friday 15 – 03:00am NZ time will see Saudi Arabia and hosts Russia open the tournament), TAB started their monumental campaign and is giving Kiwis the chance to win $5m.

That’s right, five million dollars. All you need to do is to correctly pick the winner of all 64 matches in the Fifa World Cup. Piece of cake, right? And you can enter for free too. No catch.

This is not their first rodeo, as they’ve run a similar – and extremely successful – campaign for the previous FWC in 2014 and again in 2015 for the Rugby World Cup, which saw an impressive 50,000 people joining in.

You may be wondering now – why are the folks at NetPotential even bothering talking about it? Isn’t the author of this article Italian, and Italy didn’t make it for the first time in 60 years? Well yes, shush!

Who do you think it’s powering the interwebs’ giant submarine behind the TAB campaigns?
That’s right: it’s us! And Skinny Marketing for the make-up, yes.
Go ahead, don’t be shy and have a look: 

We’ve been behind TAB online campaigns for quite some time now, and we can safely say it’s always a rollercoaster of scoping, hard work, and extremely satisfying results for us. There’s always a sports competition coming up next, time frames are tight, and the pool of potential users can be vast like in this case.
Skinny Marketing, who brings us along for the ride with every campaign, even won an award for the TAB Training one.

Ya’ll know we mainly rely on .NET & Co. for our projects. Powered by .NET Core, and running on Windows Azure, we built it to scale up and out quickly on demand, so it can handle all the thousands of concurrent visitors that flock to it the night before close-off. It was even promoted on primetime TV hours before closing 4 years ago, which generated a torrent of traffic that brought the server to its knees - we’ve built it to not buckle under pressure this time. Tell all your mates to enter and help us stress test it!

So bottom line, we just wanted to let you know we did it, we’re ready for the Football World Cup to kick off, we’ve placed our bets and, thanks to TAB, Skinny Marketing and ourselves, you can too.
You’re welcome, internauts.

Serena Cappellini & Tim Thomas